Top 10 Modular Kitchen Accessories Manufacturers & Dealers Sambalpur

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Accessories Manufacturers & Dealers Sambalpur offers the best quality & designed modular kitchens. Top Modular Kitchen in Sambalpur have exclusive, Uniq modular kitchens that will suits your style and personality. Your kitchen always reflects your taste and their experience dedicated team of expert understand your taste better.

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Accessories Manufacturers & Dealers Sambalpur

10. Pinnacle Kitchen Art And Interior:-

Pinnacle Kitchen Art And Interior the carcass and the cabinets are fixed first and then a granite platform or a solid surface platform is laid over it. This ensures perfect movement of drawers and fittings unlike non-modular / civil kitchens where one can never get proper alignments. The legs and skirting ensures proper leveling and make surfaces easy to clean. Another distinct advantage of choosing a fully modular kitchen is that one can easily integrate appliances without compromising on aesthetics.

9. Mobel Modular Kitchens:-

The Modular Kitchen, which They present to their clients is comprehensive of high quality and is widely acknowledged in the market due to their affordable pricing.High gloss Acrylic / Polymer finished kitchen shutters are more preferred by discerning designers and customers of today as they are easy to maintain. Lacquered glass on aluminum frame for wall cabinets is one more widely accepted trend in premium kitchens.

8. S & G Interior:-

They are a highly acclaimed company for providing MDF Modular Kitchen to the clients. Provided range is designed by their experienced professionals keeping in mind the specific requirements of customers. MDF Modular Kitchen is noted for its excellent finishing and is free from all types of flaws. Besides, They are notable for timely delivery.

7. Methodex Modular Kitchen Systems:-

Methodex Modular Kitchen Systems are technologically superior as they are factory finished and fully assembled on the lines of German Kitchens. They come with premium shutters that are finished with a special membrane press technology. They are designed by qualified designers with international exposure. Additionally, They Modular kitchens come with superior German accessories and fittings, 100% waterproof plywood and 5 years warranty.

6. Om Interior & Exterior:-

Om Interior & Exterior Design science that transcends into dining indulgence. They call it design logy. Dining tables available in all configurations of 4, 6 and 8 sweater to meet the needs of all. Available in the combination of materials right from complete wooden to wood and glass to suite the user requirements and to become a part of any design and aesthetics of a space.

5. Orchid Interior & Modular Kitchen:-

Orchid Interior & Modular Kitchen have seen a lot of usage of plywood in various kitchen and modular kitchen designs. With lamination included, the look of plywood is enhanced to heights. Plywood also known as engineered wood is crafted, treated and factory-made using special panels of wood. Mostly made from wood veneers, this type of wood is extensively used in various kitchen designs.

4. Tailor Interior Designer:-

Tailor Interior Designer are becoming more and more popular each year due to their high shine nature. Polyurethane is like melted plastic. It is usually applied as a spray. Once hardened, it forms a strong protective shell over wood. It gives a great shine to wood furniture and wooden flooring. Polyurethane finish is hard and durable and is scratch proof. Hardening usually takes around 12 hours.

3. Sai Kitchen Solution:-

This is the most popular design and can be easily found in many houses. This provides much kitchen space as compared with the others. You can have large continuous counter by making it in L shape. This design also contains large no. of drawers, chimneys and ample space for storage.

2. Platform Sunflow Enterprise:-

They offer an A to Z solution and services related to your Home interior design, reconstruction or renovation under one roof. They provide all type of solution for indoor, outdoor, bathroom and commercial flooring. They have an in house team to deliver you complete solution from start to end. Once you narrate your requirement and needs to us, its their 100% responsibility to deliver from start to finish, you simply don’t have to worry.

1. Nation Wood Interior & Modular Kitchen:-

Nation Wood Interior & Modular Kitchen has now developed on extreme level. They give solutions from start to end. They design your area from They come door to rest rooms. Rhythm, balance, color selection is really important in Interior designing. They follow world’s best standards in concept or theme base designs.

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Accessories Manufacturers & Dealers Sambalpur
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