Top 10 Pest Control Services in Gandhinagar

Top 10 Pest Control Services in Gandhinagar Top 10 Pest Control Services is an eminent pest control services provider, well known for their efficient services and on time delivery. They offer utmost solutions to varied problems at factories, farms and households. They ensure that their services are prompt. They offer their clients with high quality services at cost-effective rates.

Top 10 Pest Control Services in Gandhinagar

10. D K Pest Control Services

D K Pest Control Services Commonly known as white ants, termites destroy valuable property, documents, furniture and furnishings…anything that contains cellulose, silently and swiftly, before you even become aware of the damage done. Termites infest and breed underground, in the soil. They crawl up through the minute cracks and crevices in the foundation and the walls of your building.As they march forward, they build mud channels to provide themselves with darkness and higher humidity which they require to survive. When you notice such marks on your walls you get an indication that your house is under attack by white ants.

9. Rajesh Pest Control Service

Rajesh Pest Control Service exit holes are very small, about the size of a pin head. When the wood is tapped with a hammer dust will fall from these exit holes. Depending on the species powder post beetles can infest hardwoods such as cherry and oak, or softwoods such as poplar, pine and bamboo. If you find a beetle infestation in a piece of oak furniture this same species of beetle would not infest your pine floor but might infest other pieces of your oak furniture. Powder post beetles can be serious pests of structures. The larvae of these beetles live in and consume dry, seasoned wood. The most common types of powder post beetles are Anobiid, Lyctid, and Ostrich beetles. Other wood infesting pests are old house borers and carpenter bees.

8. Hi Tech Pest Control Service

Hi Tech Pest Control Service cockroaches are now controlled by using a gel. Unlike in the past, it is not necessary to spray foul smelling insecticides which used to cause a mess in the house. There is no need to empty the drawers and cover-up the food. It is also not necessary to close the house and go away.

7. Vyas Pest Treatment

Vyas Pest Treatment Method of Treatment Minute amounts of gel are applied in strategic but inconspicuous locations with the help of a syringe. The active ingredient in the gel is a new class molecule called the phenyl pyrazole. It has many advantages comparing to the other method of cockroach control.

6. Rapid Pest Control Service

Rapid Pest Control Service Gel has an edible product especially attractive to cockroaches. Gel has cascading effect. Once some cockroaches have eaten the gel they also contaminate other cockroaches thus producing cascading effect throughout the population of cockroaches. This leads to quick eradication. The gel has no smell. It can be safely applied to sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, kitchen appliances, computers etc. On which insecticide cannot be sprayed.

5. Kavish Pest Control Service

Kavish Pest Control Service It’s a time-tested fact that every home needs a unique and customized pest management solution. Kavish Pest Treatment, They give their customers an option to pick and choose between their various pest control services. They call it their General Pest Management Service that customization, effective and economical.

4. Universal Pest Control Service

Universal Pest Control Service termites originate from the ground and move in mud tubes. They feed on wood, paper or anything containing cellulose. They attack your furniture, doors, fixtures, documents, clothes and even currency notes. When you see a mud tube it means millions of termites are working 24 hrs a day damaging your property. Though the termites live in the soil, they are known to infest even high rise buildings having more than 100 storeys, moving all the way from ground to the top floor.

3. Gurukrupa Pest Control Service

Gurukrupa Pest Control Service use the latest DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique to form a barrier against termites. This method is quick non-messy and completely safe. It makes a completely undetectable chemical barrier around your property assuring you of continuous protection. They also treat infested woodwork with chemicals to kill termites and protect it from further attacks.

2. Asset Shild Pest Control Service

Asset Shild Pest Control Service Mosquitoes are a menace period. Its bite is deader than the pain it inflicts. fatal diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Brain Fever get transmitted by these tiny creatures. To prevent these you need effective Mosquitoes Management. Fogging is considered as an important tool a manage the adult mosquitoes, which has the capability of spreading these diseases managing adult mosquito not only disturb the life cycle of mosquito by bringing down the population of those mosquito which has the potential to multiply.

1. Samrat Pest Control Service

Samrat Pest Control Service offer an Annual Maintenance Contract for all general pest management services (Cockroaches, Red – Black Ants, Rodent, Bed Bugs, Flies and Wooden pest) to keep your property free from pests throughout the year. General Pest Control provides total and effective control of cockroaches and other common household pests such as red, black ants and silverfish.

Top 10 Pest Control Services in Gandhinagar
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