Top 10 Pest Control Services in Haridwar

Top 10 Pest Control Services in Haridwar Top 10 Pest Control Services assures the best services at competing prices with their professionally trained technicians, safe chemical, organic pesticides to offer their customers maximum safety and better yielding pest solutions. They also do cockroach pest control, bed bugs pest control, mosquito fogging and bird netting services. they use products purchased only from the trusted and registered vendors. They handle the home appliances and delicate products with care on pest control process. They provide termite pest control solution for infested cot, wooden furniture, dining table, wardrobes, kitchen cabinet. They use only eco-friendly raw materials based on the chemical limit set by the tribunal. Apart from this mosquito killer machine and bird nets also available with us.

Top 10 Pest Control Services in Haridwar

10. Green Earth Pest Control Services

Green Earth Pest Control Services offer comprehensive range of residential pest control services and commercial pest control services at affordable prices. They are completely dedicated to eliminate your all kinds of residential as well as commercial pest control and pest problems. They make available pest control and termite control services to residences, gardens, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Factory, plants. Green Earth Pest Control Services promise their clients to be environmentally responsible with their methods and quality pest control services. their pest control solutions have low environment risk. The services They offer are odorless, mess free and under international guidelines for safety of human as well as environment. They have the strength and competence to handle any volume of pest management assignments in any segment.

9. Indian Pest Control Service

Indian Pest Control Service offers Roach Free Service for managing population of Cockroaches in both Residential and Commercial premises. They use intelligent Gel technology which is placed at strategic places in the infested places in such a way that it comes in contact easily with filthy Cockroaches. The Cockroaches eats gel and gets killed eventually. The dead Cockroaches are eaten by live Cockroach and the gel present in dead Cockroach kills live Cockroach. This helps to manage Cockroaches fast. Other specialty of Gel technology is that it sticks to a place and does not cause contamination. It is safe to use Gel where spray of chemicals is not allowed. There is no need to evacuate the kitchen. Spray of chemicals is only required in drains or places having water.

8. Active Pest Eradication Service

Active Pest Eradication Service German Roach is the most common of the smaller roaches and the most difficult to control. German Roaches are a health hazard because they carry bacteria that is transmitted to humans. The main diseases are gastroenteritis including food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea. The most common larger Cockroaches found in India are the American Cockroaches. These American Cockroaches live in drains and move to Kitchen, Living room from bathroom to spread diseases.

7. Efective Pest Control Service

Efective Pest Control Service Flies have been a nuisance insect for thousands of years. They affect human welfare because they can transmit diseases like conjunctivitis, poliomyelitis, typhoid fever, leprosy, cholera anthrax, dysentery and diarrhea, etc. Flies such as the common House Fly are classified as filth flies because they breed in rotten food, manure, and garbage. A fly can mature from egg to adult in as few as ten days. This quick maturity can cause a severe fly problem in a short period of time. Getting rid of flies long term begins with proper sanitation and exclusion.

6. V Care Pest Control Service

V Care Pest Control Service offers Fly Free Service for managing House Flies, Flesh Flies & Drain Flies in commercial premises. They manage population of Flies by use of pesticides like water based emulsions, baits, aerosols, etc. outside the infested premises. The use of pesticides is restricted to outside of building premises. The Flies infestation inside is controlled by catching these physically on glue boards or spot spray on breeding spots if found inside infested premises. They suggest customers to restrict entry of Flies into the building premises by installation of Air – Curtains, PVC Curtains, Insect Light Traps on the entry/exit points.

5. Advance Facility Services

Advance Facility Services offers Rodent Free Service for managing Rats, Mice & Bandicoots at Commercial premises like Industries, Hotels & Restaurants, Malls, Shopping Complexes, Hospitals, Cineplex’s, etc. They use Rodent Bait in Boxes placed strategically along the perimeter of the building premises. These Baits are checked at regular intervals to check and change the Bait. They never use Bait inside the building premises, instead They use Glue Boards in the Boxes inside the building premises near the entry and exits to catch the rodents.

4. Mittal Stores Pest Control Service

Mittal Stores Pest Control Service offers Spider Free Service in commercial premises like Industries, Warehouses, Hotels, Restaurants, etc. This Service initiates first with thorough inspection outside and inside of infested premises to identify the cross infestation from outside of infested building. This Service is carried out in the form of spray on the areas outside infested building premises to control the Spider population outside first. The treatment is carried outside of building first to avoid re-infestation inside building later. For inner areas of infested building, the treatment will be confined as spot or controlled spray. This spray will be aimed at specific locations like cracks and crevices, on adult spiders and not as broadcast to avoid unnecessary contamination.

3. Pest Warriors Service

Pest Warriors Service is the regulation of insects mainly defined as pests. There is need for Pest Control because any kind of carelessness might have bad impact on human health. Not only humans, sometimes animals also get affected which can proved to be and pesticides available in the market which helps to fight against these norms of society. These insecticides are available in both biological and chemical from. One can use it according to its suitability.

2. Sun Pest Control Services

Sun Pest Control Services Termite / Deemak is a tiny pest that has been on earth 250 million years. It’s food supply could be, and often is, some one’s house, may be yours. You will rarely, if ever see termite. Occasionally, during the mating season, you might see swarms of winged reproductive termites. If you see swarms inside you home, you probably have termites. If you find them outside, it is an indication that termites are in the areas, and may present some threat to your home. It can enter crack as small as 1/64”. That’ why it can penetrate through concrete slab construction so easily containing cellulose.

1. Metro Pest Control Service

Metro Pest Control Service Flea is although very small in size, but has played a large role in the history by spreading typhoid fever, and bubonic plague. This prefers your dong or cat, but will also transfer to humans. A FIVE MINUTES EXPOSURE TO HUNGRY FLEAS IS TOO MUCH FOR MOST PEOPLE. Flea needs animal or human blood for survival. This spreads diseases by feeding on infected animals and then inturn transmit disease to man. The rat-flea to man cycle caused bubonic India

Top 10 Pest Control Services in Haridwar
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