Top 10 Powerful Countries in the World 2016

We have a list of Top 10 Powerful Countries in the World 2016 based on their forces & advance weapons. Here is list.

Top 10 Powerful Countries in the World 2016

10. Canada

Canada is an industrial nation with a highly developed science and technology sector. Since the First World War, Canada has produced its own infantry fighting vehicle, anti-tank guided missile and small arms for the Army. The Canadian Army is one of three environmental commands within the unified Canadian Armed Forces.

9. Japan

Japan continued to improve its defensive capabilities. Rising Cold War tensions in Europe and Asia, coupled with leftist-inspired strikes and demonstrations in Japan, prompted some conservative leaders to question the unilateral renunciation of all military capabilities. The 21st century is witnessing a rapid change in global power balance along with globalisation. The security environment around Japan has become increasingly severe as represented by nuclear. The JGSDF numbered around 150,000 soldiers in 2010.

8. Iran

Iranian armed forces received a number of Iraqi military aircraft being evacuated from the Persian Gulf War of that year. These forces total about 545,000 active personnel. Iran’s military has been described as the Middle East’s “most powerful military force” (exempting Israel) by retired US General John Abizaid.

7. Pakistan

Pakistan had an active force of approximately 550,000 active personnel as of 2015. Pakistan Army has started inducting women as commissioned officers. The President of Pakistan is the civilian supreme commander of the Pakistan Armed Forces by statute.

6. Germany

Germany is the land component of the armed forces. German Army has a strength of 59,631 soldiers. German army prefers to distance itself from the World War II era, it still retains certain uniform accessories from that era and before. he German Army also continues to use the MG3, a machine gun that looks much like the MG42 used during World War II. The East German military used uniforms that were very similar to the WWII era army uniforms.

5. United Kingdom

The British Army is the principal land warfare force of the United Kingdom. The English Army was first established as a standing military force in 1660. According to the Ministry of Defence, Army 2020 will “ensure that the British Army remains the most capable Army in its class” and enable “it to better meet the security challenges of the 2020s and beyond”.

4. India

India is land of warriors. The primary mission of the Indian Army is to ensure national security and unity, defending the nation from external aggression and threats, and maintaining peace and security within its borders. 1200255 active personnel are in Indian Army.

3. Russia

Russia is one of most powerful country with nuclear weapons. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is the President of Russia. The Russian Armed Forces were formed in 1992 & now have Active personnel 771000. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, share of modern weapons in the Armed Forces reached from 26 to 48% among different kinds of troops in December 2014.

2. China

China is one of most powerful county in world with world’s largest military force which have strength of approximately 2285000 personnel, 0.18% of the country’s population. Their mission is ensure China’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and domestic security to continue national development.

1. United States

US is world superpower. US is most powerful country in world with 475000 Active personnel. US Army has 4948 aircraft. Their mission is Preserving the peace and security and providing for the defense of the United States, the Commonwealths and possessions and any areas occupied by the United States.

Top 10 Powerful Countries in the World 2016
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